Using Extra-Curricular Expertise For Specialist Projects


Can we interest you in a little more?

You’re right! You do recognise that dam – it’s the Swiss monster 007 chucked himself off in Goldeneye back in 1995. And thanks to our clogs-on-the-concrete approach to reactive event coverage, we now know it looks just as awesome IRL as it does on the big screen.

Such was one of our takeaways from Red Bull’s Dual Ascent climbing comp and our huge specialist media comms rollout for it. Also known as: a brief born to be bossed by ACM.

On paper, we’ve got the chops to find the storytelling angles, facilitate the world-class media strategy, fly out and host the top-tier writers, fire out the press releases, and finesse the fifty other elements that made up the energy drink giant’s properly ace scope. But it’s the off-the-page experience that meant we could do it all better than anyone else.

Combining our team’s OOO activities and places within our outdoor communities with our nine-to-five skills is what we’ve built our reputation on, and how we told the story of the world’s favourite out-there climbing event in the most authentic, wrap-report-crushing way possible.