Distilling A Global Brand Moment Into a TikTok-Sized Message



A quick fat-free chat about socials

Right. No messing about.

Mind-zapping studies on attention spans plus our own social media rulebook tell us we have just a couple of seconds to convince your eyeballs and brainwaves to read this case study. So let’s get to it.

If we’ve still got you, it’s TikTok talk time. Any digital strategy deck that covers simply “social” isn’t worth dirt. If you’re being presented with a content creative that doesn’t differentiate between the IG grid and Gen Z’s go-to video app, for example – exploiting up-to-the-hour visual trends on Reels in one slide, maxing out fresh TikTok updates on the next – then you’re better off popping your budget in a blender.

But our creative team and digital experts are. Not only are they perma-plugged into social media platforms, but they’ve always got eyes on the ever-changing, extremely subtle, but totally essential nuances that separate them.

Our IG and TikTok influencer cuts and in-house edits for H&M Move prove it perfectly.

Opening image: @gn_ts
Reel: @hm_move