Orchestrating A Global Creative Campaign Across Three Continents



Not Your Average 'X Told Us To Do Y So We Z...' Case Study Babble…

It’s enough to make you Mötley Crüe your TV out the window: a new ‘inclusivity’-led brand ad that’s little more than a half-arsed, but “totally on trend!” sales pitch.

Empowering minority communities has, since 2020, become a hatstand on which marketers hang their infuriatingly unoriginal, uncreative, and out-of-date trilbys. Our industry is yet to realise true inclusivity comes when groups are allowed to actively tell their stories, rather than just sell them.

Yep, getting it right is a creative challenge, and one we got into with our Push For Change campaign for adidas Cycling.

Our creative strategy took us to Mexico City, Dubai, New York, and London, and united four global cycling communities under one message without silencing the life-transforming work that each does. Through hero films, profile edits, and editorial blog posts, we amplified the huge changes that groups like Velociposse and KnightRyders are making inside cycling. Then, we backed up their messages with creative storyboarding and original shoot direction, and authentically subtle but impactful product shots that got us pumped to get back on our pedals while confirming adidas Cycling’s place within the sport.