Pumping Fresh Creativity Into Stale Media Events



Here comes the ‘how we did it’ part…

“Let’s do it in a… carwash?” is the kind of wild brainstorm outburst that, in lesser agencies, never quite makes it to the whiteboard. At ACM, it’s the kind of weirdness that leads to the media event of the year.

Total creative chaos is very serious business at ACM. It’s always been where our most convention-crushing events and shit-hot strategies have taken their first breaths, and why references ranging from portraits of tropical birds to the Mr Bean intro (100% truth) fling their way around our remote chat platform.

And because we’ve tweaked, tested, and refined our team environment until it allowed ideas to confidently explode from all corners of the team structure, we don’t need to fall back on fusty media dinners, done-to-death event spaces, and formulaic product test events to get our client stories out there.

The GORE-TEX Wash & Go Experience began as a wild outburst. It walked 50 journalists through a carwash in protective outerwear. And it became the out-there and successful press all-dayer we’re most proud of helming in 2023.