Creating A Global Digital Community



C’mon then, let’s hear it…

“182 million runners go to Berlin” sounds like the start of a proper rubbish joke (and pretty weird case study). But adidas Running wasn’t slapping any thighs when it knocked on our digital door with this opener, and the chance to team up on a mega project again.

With a slightly sadistic undercurrent of ultrarunning coursing through our team, our own place in the running community played a huge part in our effectively spreading adidas Running’s Berlin Virtual Races event message. If there’s an agency out there with more ultramarathon FKTs, marathon medals, and blister-based war stories, we haven’t met them yet.

Oh, for sure the huge features, ad placements, collaborations with social media authorities, and multichannel content campaign with one of the running world’s most popular online mags played a part in building the adidas Running community and getting them to digitally run a globally synced VR marathon. But the magic sauce for us? Knowing exactly what buttons to press inside any runner, of any level, to get them amped up, laced up, and out the door.