[05 jan 2024]

Ring The New ACM Client Klaxon


We’re *checks watch* hours into the new year and about to make one of our coolest announcements of 2024. How’d that  happen? 

Exhale Coffee – the super specialist connoisseur of performance-led wake-up fuel – has become the latest name on the ACM lineup poster, and we’re three-black-no-sugar-filters buzzing about it.

It took about five minutes for us to realise that founders Alex and Kirsty are our kind of collaborators – super progressive, environmentally focused, community-minded, inspired by positive change, and absolutely brimming with a creative energy to match our own. The fact their organic, single origin, B Corp coff coff is unreal good – an opinion vehemently backed by our entire team after getting a pouch of Exhale beans in their Xmas hampers – helps too.

It’s a relationship that makes so much sense, in fact, that we’ll leave this big razzle dazzle announcement to someone else. Someone who’s frothing to steal this copywriter’s job and overthrow the entire creative industry, but who, until then, has no choice but to do exactly as we (politely) command.

Alright, ChatGPT. This is your chance. Do your worst…

Hey ChatGPT. Am I cool to call you by your first name?


Of course! You can call me ChatGPT, or you can give me a nickname if you prefer. How can I assist you today?

Ah, thanks. I’m a copy editor from a UK creative comms agency called All Conditions Media. You heard of us?


I don’t have access to real-time information or the internet so I’m not aware of All Conditions Media. 

Oh. Wow. Not sure if I should be offended or not? 


I apologize for any confusion. My knowledge is based on information available up until January 2022 so I might not be aware of all organizations or developments that have occurred since then. It’s not a reflection of the significance of your organization.  

Yeah, we’ve been going since 2005, but sure. So, here’s the deal. We’re about to announce a new client, and I’ve still got 10,000 post-Xmas emails to get through/delete. Are you up for helping me out, please?


Certainly, I’d be happy to help you out!

Nice one, pal. BTW, does everyone else speak to you extra politely, too?


Many people choose to speak politely when interacting with me, but it’s entirely up to you how you’d like to communicate. I’m here to assist and provide information to the best of my abilities, so feel free to engage with me in a manner that you’re comfortable with. 

Okay okay. So, can you write me 200(ish) words to announce our new partnership with Exhale coffee?


Certainly! Here’s a 200-word announcement for your new partnership with Exhale Coffee:

Exciting News: All Conditions Media Partners with Exhale Coffee for a Caffeine-Fueled Adventure

[redacted: a comprehensive ticklist of stinky pins-into-eyes LinkedIn waffle, including phrases like “we’re thrilled to announce”, “join forces with”, “new heights”, “embark on a journey” “energise the brand”, “lasting impression”, and “exciting opportunities”. Grim.]

Yeeeeah, I mean, it sorta sounds like every other agency announcement, doesn’t it. Can you strip out all the marketing jargon and clichés? You should probably know we’re very much focused on sustainability, and our mission statement is Take Action To Inspire. Can you take another swing at this, please?


Of course! Let’s focus on the sustainability and your mission statement. Here’s a more straightforward announcement:

All Conditions Media and Exhale Coffee: A Partnership Rooted in Sustainability and Inspiration

We’re thrilled to announce a unique collaboration between All Conditions Media and Exhale Coffee, one that’s deeply rooted in sustainability and a shared mission to “Take Action To Inspire.”

Exhale Coffee, a company committed to sourcing ethically grown beans and reducing its environmental footprint, aligns perfectly with our dedication to sustainable practices. Together, we’re on a journey to make a positive impact and inspire change through our work.

This partnership is about more than just business; it’s a commitment to taking meaningful action. With Exhale Coffee, we’re excited to elevate storytelling that drives positive change and inspires a more sustainable future. Our focus will be on delivering engaging content that resonates with our clients and their audiences, all while upholding our shared values of sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Stay tuned for inspiring stories that reflect our mission. We invite you to join us as we explore new ways to promote a better, more sustainable world, one story at a time. Together, we will “Take Action To Inspire” and leave a lasting, positive impact.

This revised announcement emphasizes sustainability and your mission statement, “Take Action To Inspire.” Let me know if you have any further changes or specific elements you’d like to include.

Yeah, getting there, but you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve mugged off the entire marketing industry for using “thrilled to announce”. Can you strip out even more of the marketing cliches? Also, it’s our house style to include at least one nod to 80s thrash metal. One more try, maybe?


Certainly, let’s cut down on the marketing cliches and give a nod to 80s thrash metal. Here’s a revised version:

All Conditions Media and Exhale Coffee: Brewing Up a Sustainable Partnership with the Power of Thrash Metal

We’re excited to share some news that’s hotter than a freshly brewed cup of coffee and more electrifying than a thrash metal riff. All Conditions Media is joining forces with Exhale Coffee in a partnership that’s as invigorating as your morning brew.

Exhale Coffee, a champion of ethical coffee sourcing and sustainability, perfectly complements our mission of “Taking Action To Inspire.” Together, we’re on a mission to make a positive impact through sustainability and creativity. Our focus is to inspire positive change through storytelling that resonates with you and your audience.

This partnership is not your usual corporate handshake; it’s a headbanging collaboration. Just like your favorite thrash metal track, we’re amping up the energy. With Exhale Coffee, we’re brewing up compelling content that’s strong and rich, just like your favorite cup of coffee. It’s a blend of flavors, sounds, and ideas that’s going to awaken your senses.

Stay tuned as we combine the power of a good cup of coffee, a love for the planet, and the electrifying spirit of thrash metal to inspire action and drive sustainability. Together, we’ll create stories that leave a lasting, positive impact.

This version adds a more unique and playful touch, while still emphasizing sustainability and your mission statement. Please let me know if you’d like any further changes or have specific elements to include.

Lol. Sorta… love it? It’s bonkers.


I’m glad you love it! Best of luck with your partnership announcement, and if you have any more requests or questions in the future, don’t hesitate to ask. Rock on! 🤘😄