[19 jan 2024]

ACM Away Day ‘24: Overheard And Out Of Context In Cardiff


Please find your ACM Away Day itinerary below.

Location: Cardiff, Wales

Dates: 15-16 Jan 2024

Please bring: Climbing shoes, YETI bottle, Ninja Warrior mindset

Monday afternoon: 

Mentoring session with ACM co-founders Matt and Jojo centring on jumping and diving headfirst through inflatable basketball hoops; masterclass in running up a vertigo-inducing quarterpipe with our account executive Josty; team bonding over aching muscles that’ve lain dormant since primary school.

Monday evening:

A hands-on performance evaluation of pale ales from local brewery, Tiny Rebel; full team face-to-face meeting with bhel puri, panipuri, plenty o’ curry, and mango sorbet at excellent Indian restaurant; EOP strategy workshop with a KPI of deciding morning 5km run route; bed.

Tuesday morning:

AM briefing (location TBC, either sauna or pool) and granola evaluation; presentation on influencing styles, featuring lengthy tangential discussion on the relevance and appeal of BBC’s Absolutely Fabulous among Gen Z audience; roadmapping towards coffee and cake.

Tuesday afternoon:

Full debrief of v5 bouldering betas; quantify dyno successes using number of climbing wall callouses received; depart for trains.

ACM Away Days aren’t normal. And our first of 2024, which took place at the start of this week, won’t be changing that fact, Jack. Not only thanks to a very one-off play-by-play plan for 48 hours in South Wales, but, as you’re about to read, some of the less-than-average topics of discussion, too…