Workshop by Jenny Jones

#ACM059 Communication Strategy

We go back a long way with Jenny Jones, from the days when we used to run Whitelines snowboarding magazine and we first met her at the 2000 British Championships, to trips like the one we took with her last year to Japan (right). Over the years, like everybody in UK snowboarding, we've cheered from the sidelines as Jenny's career has gone from strength to strength, culminating in THAT bronze medal at the Sochi Olympics in 2014.

Our GB Park & Pipe trip to Japan with Jenny in January 2016 was a blast.

So when in autumn 2016 Jenny asked us to help her launch her new venture, Workshop by Jenny Jones, we were chuffed to get the call. Jenny's vision is to provide adventurous snowboarders with a unique mountain experience, where she can pass on her knowledge and help them take their riding to the next level.

We reckon with Britain's most successful snowboarder at the helm it's going to go pretty well - and are proud to be involved from the start.