Whitelines Print Edition Closes

#ACM021 Content

We go back a long way with Whitelines Snowboarding Magazine here at All Conditions Media. Right back to it's 1995 inception, in fact, when our own Chris Moran was chosen to be the magazine's first cover star. 

Since then - a whole two decades - it's our proud boast that Matt and Chris had something published in every single print issue of the magazine (above). Over those years, they also held every position at the magazine, from tea-boy to editor, and were lucky enough to work alongside the brightest minds in snowboarding: Tudor 'Chod' Thomas, Nick Hamilton, Ed Leigh, James McPhail and Ed Blomfield.

During that long association, Chris in particular came to embody the very spirit of the magazine: irreverent, passionate, funny, warm and eccentric, with a uniquely British take on this whole ridiculous sideways sliding business. 

So when the news broke in spring 2015 that current publishers Factory Media had decided not to print any more issues of the magazine, we were sad, if not altogether surprised. After all, it's a minor triumph that the magazine has lasted so long in such an uncertain media climate. 

And it isn't the end by any means. The online version of the magazine will continue, and with Ed Blomfield in charge we know that Whitelines as an entity is in safer hands than ever. 

But it's going to be difficult getting used to a winter season without a new edition of Whitelines to mark each new month. It sounds hyperbolic, but the print version of Whitelines really did change our lives, and hundreds of other along the way.

Let's hope Whitelines 2.0 still has the power to do the same.