38.5 million plastic bottles every single day

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You read correctly. Each day, the United Kingdom gets through a barely-believable 38.5 MILLION plastic bottles. Of this vast number, a mere 56% are recycled. The rest? They get dumped in landfills, or are slowly broken down into the microplastic particles that are increasingly filling our oceans.

The numbers involved here are even more terrifying, with an estimated 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic and microplastic currently part of the ocean’s eco-system, 83% of water samples found to contain microplastics, and over 100,000 marine mammals and 1 million seabirds killed annually by marine plastic pollution. 

To say we as a species have a plastic problem is to flirt gravely with understatement.

For ocean lovers like us, who live to surf, swim, sail and SUP, it’s one of the issues we’re most concerned about. Which is why we decided to use our recent #ACMPopUp event to examine the entire topic in the most positive way possible. 

How? By inviting friends of ours at the frontline of the fight against single-use and micro plastics to share their stories and lead a conversation about how we can all effect positive change.

Speakers included tireless environmental journalist and campaigner Lucy Siegle; Hugo Tagholm, CEO of Surfers Against Sewage; and ocean advocate Emily Penn. As well as a packed house at the event itself, we also welcomed an online audience of over 20,000 through our Facebook Live collaboration with media partners MPORA.

The result was an inspiring, passionate evening and ultimately positive evening in which our speakers put the issue in pitiless context and offered positive solutions. If you missed it, watch the whole thing above, and join the fightback now.