Founder Connection: Looking Sideways Action Sports Podcast


At the beginning of 2017, ACM founder and director Matt Barr started looking for a decent action sports podcast to listen to. 

As an action sports journalist who had his first article published back in 1995 (in Snowboard! UK magazine, as it goes), sideways storytelling is Matt’s specialty. 

He’s spent 20 years sniffing out the most interesting tales in the industry and finding the best ways of communicating them to a wider audience, whether through traditional editorial or our innovative work here at ACM. 

So when he realised that there actually weren’t any decent action sports podcasts out there, the solution was simple: make one himself. 

The result is the wildly successful Looking Sideways podcast series, which has very quickly been recognised as the most innovative and honest audio story-telling platform in the industry, garnering a massively engaged and loyal audience in the process. It is also an object lesson in how to use honest, insightful content to build and promote a groundbreaking brand with a global profile.