Heimplanet - UK Brand Launch

#ACM094 Communication Content Strategy

From the beginning, we shared an affinity with ACM. We share the same values, and they understood exactly what we are trying to achieve with Heimplanet. We couldn't have asked for better UK partners. 

Stefan Clauss, Founder, Heimplanet

Heimplanet's AW16 Motiuon Series Kickstarter was a massive success. Stand by for round 2 in summer 2018. 

Sometimes you just have an emotional connection with a brand and an idea. That's how it was when we first saw Heimplanet st ISPO back in 2012. As soon as saw their amazxing range of beautiful and innovative tents, we know we had to work with them.

Heimplanet was formed by Stefan Clauss and Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff, two German surfers who were driven to create the brand after a frustrating surf camping mission around Portugal. "We couldn't believe how ugly and impractical most tents were and what a pain they were to put up each day" said Clauss at the time. "So we desiged our own".

The result is a brand that marries an innovative design ethos with a true action sports sensibility, and in the intervening years Heimplanet has garnered a hugely loyal global fanbase as sold on the concept as we were all those years ago. 

Our partnership with ther brand saw us create a sales, PR and marketing strategy to launch the brand in the UK. We've been partners ever since, helping them take their product and message to ever-bigger audiences.