French Ski Area Over My Town

#ACM044 Communication Content Strategy

France is renowned for having the biggest ski areas in the world. And skiers and snowboarders are notorious for trying to relate these often confusing stats with their own real life experience. How? Come on. Surely every mountain lover has wiled away an idle chairlift moment wondering just how far they ski in a typical day, and just how big their favourite ski area actually is in easily understandable terms. 

Luckily, during our collective 20-odd seasons living and snowboarding in France we spent much time pondering important questions like these. Just how far do you travel if you ski, say, the Saulire in Meribel, or schlep between Tignes and Val d’Isère? So when we sat down to come up with our latest piece of content work for our clients Atout France and France Montagnes, we decided to answer these posers once and for all. 

The result is French Ski Area Over My Town (above), a beautifully simple interactive app that enables you to see exactly how large the key French ski areas are by measuring them against the size of, well, your own town.

Just how far do you travel if you ski, say, the Saulire in Meribel, or schlep between Tignes and Val d’Isère?

The Three Valleys sprawling over most of our East Sussex home turf. 

Using the app couldn’t be simpler. Choose your favourite ski area. Enter your postcode. And then use the app’s elegant controls to compare the size of a run you know with local landmarks. Zoom into your house. Compare the size of any resort with your town. Drag your mouse to move either the resort or the background, to position your favourite runs over your local landmarks.

We’ve been using the app at our #38ShipStreet HQ, and can confirm it gets pretty addictive. For instance, who knew that the Three Valleys, our old stomping ground, would sprawl across much of Sussex between Brighton and Crawley (above)?

Or that Val d’Isère and Tignes cover much of Central London, from Highgate and Hampstead in the north, to Greenwich in the south east (below)? Have a play yourself, and you'll see what we mean. 

Val d’Isère and Tignes covering most of Central London.

One thing’s for sure - using the app will certainly throw up a few surprises about the actual scale of some of your favourite runs and resorts. So how accurate is it? We used OpenStreetMap data and cross-referenced it topographically, using Frances Montagne and Atout France's expert knowledge of French ski areas, to make sure the info featured is 100% correct. What you see here is really how it is.

That said -  it goes without saying that French Ski Area Over My Town is NOT an official piste map, so All Conditions Media, Atout France and France Montagnes cannot be held responsible should you use it to navigate your way around any of these resorts. We've included certain off-piste and yellow routes in the app, but this does not mean they are necessarily safe to ski at any given time. You should NEVER leave the piste or resort boundaries unless you're in the company of a professional and certified guide. Capiche?

The Franco-Swiss Portes du Soleil area transposed over the Lake District

We're indebted to local Brighton developers Brightminded for all their help with this project - check the link to see the great work that they do. And click here to see more of the work we've been doing for Atout France - including our internet-busting Overheard in French Ski Resorts film, left.