France Montagnes - Xmas Animation

#ACM084 Content Strategy

How do you capture the spirit of Christmas?

It’s a challenge that greater minds than our have grappled with, but one that we embraced when French Mountains put it to us. With the holiday season upon us, we wanted to bring the unique magic of Christmas in the French mountains to life.

From ballet shows to visits from Santa Claus, Christmas in the French mountains really is an awesome time for families to try alternative mountain activities. Being so snow sure, there’s really no better place for a white Christmas, whether that’s skiing or just taking in the enchanting atmosphere. 

We wanted to tell a story, and one that focuses on the things that make Christmas special - family and fun. We welcomed back Julian, one of the stars of last year’s hugely successful 15 Mistakes Beginners Make in France video, for a feature animation that’s a truly charming little piece of content.