France Montagnes - Facebook Live

#ACM067 Communication Strategy

When our client France Montagnes asked us to come up with something creative to round off a great year, we had a brainwave. Why not use woefully misused marketing flavour-of-the-month Facebook Live to do something genuinely innovative and interesting?

Like send Ski Sunday presenter Ed Leigh to some of France's lesser-known Alpine resort gems and follow him live as he explores each resort for the first time?

So we packed Ed and filmer Will Nangle off to the Southern French Alps, trailed the concept through a series of Facebook ads in the week leading up to broadcast, and sat back to watch Will and Ed work their magic on broadcast day.

The resulting broadcasts were rough, ready, completely compelling and totally authentic, thanks to Ed's infectious enthusiasm and Will's masterful professionalism under often challenging filming conditions. The 700,000 viewers who saw the campaign obviously agreed. 

In fact, it was so successful that we've already seen a few imitators trying the same thing for themselves - always a good indication of a strong idea. We'll be back with round 2 of the original concept at some point during 2017, so watch this space.