Finisterre Women’s Wetsuit Tester Programme


Product innovation has always been one of Finisterre's guiding principles. 

So the launch of their first women’s wetsuit was an opportunity to really push boundaries in the cold water surf market. 

It began back in autumn 2017, when 100 committed testers were selected to take part in the inaugural Nieuwland Works Women’s Wetsuit Tester Programme.

Now, with a winter of in the field R&D completed, half of the testers were invited to attend Finisterre’s first ever Wetsuit Tester Camp – a 2 day workshop at their HQ in Wheal Kitty.

Hosted by surf ambassador and environmentalist Easkey Britton, and wetsuit guru Mat D’Ascoli, the weekend was a perfect mix of surfing, conversation, cook-ups, music and tester feedback.

ACM’s Jojo was in the mix, having taken part in the programme from the outset, and was excited to be a part of the conversation that effectively led to design changes in the final wetsuit that was taken to market last October. 

The result is a product that has been truly tried and tested, showcasing how effective a brand can be when it harnesses the power of community.

We continue to support the Nieuwland Works Tester Programme with PR outreach, sharing this innovative initiative far and wide.