Faces of French Mountains

#ACM081 Communication Content Strategy

How do you follow an award-winning content campaign that broke records and tore up the internet? That was the question was asked ourselves when we came to plan our 17/18 content campaign for our client French Mountains. 

The result was the flagship Face of French Mountains, centrepiece of our entire 17/18 campaign and designed to showcase the region's vibrant ‘human’ soul.

Sure, everybody knows that  France offers some of the most distinctive terrain in the world with vast lift systems, consistent snowfall, huge interconnected areas and consistently great conditions. What’s often overlooked that are the passionate people, skilled craftspeople, and unique community atmospheres that greatly contribute to making these areas so special.

To celebrate these stories, we collaborated with professional lifestyle photographer Alexander J Collins to examine the lives of some of these people to find out how their mountains have shaped who they are. The seven individuals we located come from very different walks of life, but are connected due to  a unique bond with their local mountains. 

A unique, soulful project and one thatn revealed the often hidden side of the French resorts we know and love so well.