Dart 10k Swim

#ACM063 Misc

It was a lifetime ambition fulfilled in September 2016 when our own Matt Barr finally ticked off the Dart 10k swim. Matt swam with our #38ShipStreet colleague Dave Jordan, Picture Organic UK honcho Neill Thompson and Finisterre boss Tom Kay (right, with Matt). 

Organise by the Outdoor Swimming Society, the Dart 10k is touted as the swimming equivalent of the London Marathon and is probably the most prestigious (and certainly picturesque) event on the calendar. Matt raised money for the admirable charity Level Water, who help teach disabled kids how to swim, helping to raise over £39,000 in the process. That's a lot of swimming lessons. 

A big challenge, obviously, but a great event. On to the next one. Great images below courtesy of the Open Water Swimming Society and photographer Anna Barclay.