adidas TERREX Ups and Downs Activation

#ACM106 Communication Content Misc Strategy

Adventures and sport in the outdoors is full of both literal and metaphorical ups and downs. The natural environment demands it. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, finding flow during these moments can happen when we least expect it. 

To reflect this Spring/Summer 2018 campaign idea, we worked with our select group of adidas TERREX global ambassadors and influencers to help them create a set of personal films showcasing what kind of ups and downs they have experienced pursuing their respective passions. 

A Welsh mountain biker retiring from professional competition, a Spanish trail runner managing a heart condition, a German photographer/influencer escaping the digital world, a US mountain biker overcoming paralysis - each of our nine ambassadors in the global influencer programme have a unique and powerful story to tell. We helped them capture these narratives in a creative way, getting their messages out far and wide, to inspire other outdoor creators around the world.