adidas TERREX blank canvas seeding

#ACM091 Communication

We love a blank canvas at ACM. It was also the theme adidas adopted for the ZeroDye TERREX TWO Boa.

The shoe uses materials in their natural colours and a zero-dye process, which means every mark, every stain and every mud-splat is a record of a trail runner’s off-road adventures.

For the seeding of a limited edition version of the shoes to 555 key influencers around the world, we opted to embrace those marks and stains and position them as something people could celebrate. Along with the shoes, each influencer seeding pack contained two recycled-Perspex Instagram frames – one for before shots of clean shoes ('CLEAN UP'), and one for after shots with dirty shoes ('DIRTY DOWN'). By posting pictures on Instagram using these frames, the influencers were able to tell the story behind the shoe, while also sharing their own trail running pursuits in a creative way.