adidas TERREX Climaheat Down seeding

#ACM103 Communication Content Misc Strategy

Down time. Essential moments before and after your outdoor adventures. The periods of calm that surround the contrastingly high-intensity action; turning ordinary routines into powerful rituals. 

Moments like these are best enjoyed with the right kit - like a good jacket - designed to keep you warm and dry as you fit in a quick coffee before hitting the hill, setting up your bike, or belay at the crag. 

That’s why we created the ultimate down time pack, seeded globally to a mix of outdoor and action sports influencers, as well as key media. Each pack included the adidas TERREX Climaheat Down Jacket, together with a laser-engraved Mizu coffee flask and a bag of coffee from our friends at Allpress Espresso, encouraging our influencers to embrace and share their down time rituals.