adidas TERREX 2018 Kendal Mountain Festival

#ACM107 Communication

With 15,000 visitors over three days, the Kendal Mountain Festival is one of the biggest outdoor gatherings in the world. Naturally, we wanted to make sure adidas TERREX were in the thick of the action.  

That's why we came up with the Creator Hub, which quickly became one of the must-see buzz zones at the festival. From an elevated position overlooking the main festival village, the Creator Hub was a physical embodiment of the adidas TERREX Outdoor Creator brand mission. In common with the entire Kendal ethos, visitors could exercise body and mind, either by creating their own mini shoes at the TERREX workshop, or by taking new season trail running shoes out for a test in the surrounding countryside - accessed directly from the Hub itself.  

Supported by hyper-targeted location-based social media stings and high-profile athlete appearances, the Creator Hub immediately became a key part of the festival experience and underlined adidas TERREX's position as the creator brand for the outdoors.