#ACM019 Communication Strategy

Devising Heimplanet's UK sales, marketing and PR strategy. 

From the start we shared an affinity with ACM. Our background is the same, and they understood exactly what we are trying to achieve with Heimplanet. We couldn’t ask for better UK partners.

Stefan Clauss, Founder, Heimplanet

Heimplanet's AW16 Motion Series Kickstarter campaign was a huge success. 

Heimplanet was founded by a couple of German surfers at the end of a frustrating surf camping mission around Portugal. “We couldn’t believe how ugly and impractical most tents were and what a pain they were to put up each day” says founder Stefan Clauss. “So we designed our own”.

The result is a brand that marries an innovative design ethos with an action sports sensibility, and is shaking up the outdoor market.

As soon as we saw their amazing range of beautiful and innovative inflatable tents, we knew we had to work with them.

So, in 2012, we formed a partnership and helped them create a sales, PR and marketing strategy for their UK launch. We've been partners ever since, helping them gain a significant foothold in the UK outdoor market. 

Heimplanet's Nias tent