GB Park and Pipe

#ACM020 Communication Content Strategy

Overseeing a unique sponsorship, content and social media campaign designed to help our athletes reach the podium at the 2018 Olympics.

What All Conditions Media offer is unique. They've got the best contact book in the business, an intrinsic understanding of skiing and snowboarding, an unparalleled ability to negotiate the modern media landscape, a track record of outstanding creativity, experience of running huge content projects, and are as comfortable riding with our athletes as they are bringing in corporate sponsorship deals. 

Lesley McKenna, GB Park and Pipe Team Programme Manager

Photography: Matt Georges

Our work with the GB Park and Pipe team draws on every bit of experience we’ve accrued in over two decades working in the winter sports industry. 

The challenge? To draw up and activate a new content, sponsorship and PR masterplan for the GB Park and Pipe crew ahead of the next Games in Pyeongchang, Korea in 2018. 

As well as drawing up a complete content, social media and marketing strategy for the team, we're using our audience to bring in much needed funds and sponsorship to help give the team an even better chance to make the podium at the next Winter Olympics in 2018. 

#ProjectPY2018 Mission 37: Dew Tour

Our partnership with Hertz helped the team reach new heights.