#ACM014 Communication

PR agency for the UK's best-loved surf brand

The match with ACM is perfect - we surf with them, we work with them and they have a wonderful way of getting close to what we do and the people who do it. ACM and Finisterre are creating something very special.

Tom Kay, Founder, Finisterre

Our relationship with Finisterre is a really good example of how we like to work with people. 

We’ve been friends for years, heading down to surf and hang out with them on their St Agnes home turf, and offering each other advice and encouragement when we could as both our businesses developed.

As both companies grew, we decided to formalise the whole thing by officially getting on board as their UK PR agency to help them take their unique message to the wider world.

A few years down the line, with Finisterre now firmly established the UK's favourite surf brand, the relationship between us and Finisterre has never been stronger. Long may it continue. 

Finisterre's beautiful films have helped the company stand apart. 

Selection of AW 16/17 coverage