Dragon Alliance

#ACM012 Communication

UK and Ireland PR agency for eyewear giants Dragon Alliance.

We really like the way ACM approach PR and marketing. They’ve been riding for over 20 years, so they understand our sports and lifestyles better than any other agency. 

Craig SmithEMEA Sales and Marketing Manager, Dragon Alliance

Dragon athlete Chris Betcheler getting stuck right in. 

How to cross over to the mainstream without compromising our integrity is a question the action sports world has been grappling with since Gidget hit the big screen.

We’ve been helping brands negotiate these tricky waters for years, and our work with eyewear giants Dragon Alliance is a great recent example.

Dragon made their name through a combination of innovative technical excellence and by being at the heart of sports like snowboarding and surfing. Our ongoing PR campaign helps them infiltrate the mainstream without compromising these roots. 

Innovations such as Lumalens Technology helps keep Dragon ahead of the chasing pack.